Capture in the Court

On 29 September 2023, my first book, Capture in the Court: In Defence of Judges and the Constitution was published by Tafelberg.

It is my attempt to grapple with what I call an ascendant anti-constitutionalism that is driven mostly by an anti-intellectual populism that has infected both our politics and public life.

In the book, written in my usual style, I address a number of issues including widespread allegations of judicial capture, whether the Constitution can be decolonised, the ANC’s ambivalent attitude towards constitutionalism, populism and more!

It is available for sale at most bookstores including Exclusive Books, Readers Warehouse, Clarkes Bookshop, Bargain Books, Graffiti Books, Wordsworth Books, The Book Lounge, Takealot, Loot, Bookhub Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Check your local bookstore too!

I’d love to hear your feedback should you read it.